See you later, alligator!

So, this is my last post (in English) for my class. That means next week I'll be back to posting in Portuguese. It will be great, since the idea of this blog is to keep my Brazilian family and friends updated to what is going on here, and so it doesn't make any sense to keep writing in English. I was thinking about writing in both languages, but to be honest, it kind of sucks to translate EVERYTHING you write, so no, thank you very much. However, if you're thinking about joining the fan club but only speaks English, don't feel sad! I'll soon open a blog where I'll write only in English (and it will be fuuuuuun...) and the link will be here soon.

So, going to what really matters...

This week was full of up's and down's. Even though I can't wait to graduate, it is kind of weird to think I'll not be back to school, and it has been a bittersweet experience. This last week I had my last class at BYU, and I said good bye to great people that I do love and care about. As I've mentioned before, The Daily Universe, BYU's newspaper, is going weekly. Unfortunately, this change means my dear mentors and co-workers, the ones who have dedicated so many years of their lives to the newspaper, have been laid off. So, this last week I not only said good bye to my last class at BYU as I said good bye to this amazing people. We had a party where tons of students and alumni got together to say "thank you" to those great mentors, and I left the party with tears in my eyes. It was really sad.

My desk at The Daily Universe. Jimmer does enjoy to watch me work! He's such a nice lad. 

However, at the same time it was kind of melancholic to leave my last class, it was also such a relief! I can't believe I will be done with school and that I will have time to do WHATEVER I want! Of course, I'll work and have a grown up life, but still! It's amazing to think that I will finally OWN my time, instead of feeling guilty for checking stuff on Pinterest, or even reading a great book, instead of doing homework. Also, my mom and sister arrived for my graduation, so I couldn't be happier. I'm not gonna lie, I'm super spoiled, and my mother brought me tons of stuff from Brazil (YAY to Brazilian candies!). Yesterday, instead of studying, I went out with my mom and sisters to shop for my graduation shoes, and it was great to have some girl's time with them. Tomorrow my dad, stepmother, and grandmother arrive, and I'll see them again, after almost one year. Everything seems to be great!

My ladies. My mom was ready to shop for shoes, while my sisters couldn't stop looking beautiful.

Sometimes I think I have a hard time with changes, just because I feel really attached to what I have right now. Even though I've complained (a lot, by the way) about BYU, being here is what I want, and it is what I've always wanted to do, so it's kind of sad to close this chapter of my life. But it's also great to look back at everything I've achieved so far. I can't even believe I'm about to finish school in a great, international university! I'm really proud of it.

Even though it's a little sad to close this chapter, I can't even wait to see what will come in my way. A great internship, more time to cook, and maybe even babies. Who knows?

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