My (un)interesting life

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about this mom blogger who keeps updating her blog with the stuff she's doing, buying, etc. Anyway... We were both talking about it when my friend said, "That's why I don't have a blog. My life is not as interesting and fun as hers." "Well, that's true. Mine isn't either," I thought.

Then it made me think. When you read those mom/family blogs, or just check or friends updates on Facebook, their life seems to be awesome, huh? They are always going out, having dinner in the best restaurants, and going to concerts and museums. Those mom bloggers never discuss with their husbands, they're always happy and smiling for the picture (Oh, and their husbands always agree to take pictures! Miraculous!). Their houses are always tidy, and their kids are always well-behaved and groomed.

And then there's my life: work-study-clean-cook-sleep. No cute kids to take pictures of. No husband who loves smiling for the picture (he actually runs away from it). I'm a broke student who can't afford a nice trip to New York, Paris, or even the moon for that matter. And no, I don't wear Chanel purses and True Religion jeans. I buy my stuff in an outlet, and only when it's for sale.

But you know what? My life is awesome. I get to study in a great university, I'm married to a good man, I have a fun job, and I have the best friends ever. AND, the best of all, my life is not fakely (is there such a word?) perfect.

Isn't it better to have a real life?

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  1. Eu acho q esses mom/family blogs nem sempre sao perfeitos...pelo contrario, ja li muitos q falam dos desafios do dia-a-dia assim como nos temos...mas elas (sendo a maioria maes q escrevem) tentam sempre colocar essas dificuldades de uma forca positiva, dai acaba parecendo q nao tem nada de errado e ruim acontecendo. Tambem, acredito q tem alguns blogs q como eles ganham dinheiro com advertising e tal, os maridos sao felizes por isso e aceitam tirar foto..hahahaha. It's for a good cause.
    All in all, eu acho muitos desses blogs bons para inspiracao e ajudar a gente a seguir em frente.
    Infezlimente eu tambem nao tenho nada do q essas maes tem, mas quem sabe um dia neh?


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