This was for sure a crazy week. I decided to get SUPER sick in the exact same week I had an important job interview! To top it all, I had an unbelievable load of homework and exams. However, tomorrow I was able to realize that, as overwhelming as everything seemed to be, everything turned out just fine. The interview was great (thanks goodness, because I DO want the job), and I was able to survive and finish all the homework just fine. Here are three things that helped me to get through this week:

Nasal spray. Seriously, I don't even know how I would have survived without it. And it was so cheap!

Great light. I love the light I get in my new place. Somehow it makes me feel happier and cheerful. Anybody can recover in a happy place like that!

My phone. Yes, I'm one of those smartphone addicts. However, there's more on my phone to make me feel happy: The great countdown to my graduation. Only 53 more days of school! Now, that does help me to put things into perspective. The cherry blossoms are also a nice touch... They're my favorite type of flower!

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